Living in History

Dating to the early 1800’s, the house at the corner of South Church and Dean Street was once owned by Sharples family, the Darlington Family, and Actor Claude Rains. Now home to Emily and Rich and their blended family of 5 children, this home continues to build history worth remembering.

Restoring Historic Charm

Follow the journey as Emily and Rich work to restore the wonderful charm and historic integrity of this beautiful home. The blog will capture the stories as they unfold.

A look inside

Take a peek at 400 S. Church from the inside by exploring the rooms and the history found inside the home. Enjoy the little touches that make this house wonderful and unique.

Explore the History

Enjoy the long, storied history of the home that is called “Hawthorn” or “the Claude Rains House” through interactive timelines cross referenced with photos, blog posts, and other findings we’ve made along the way.

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